Find Competitors Keywords is an important part for both the success of search engine optimization and PPC marketing. It is extremely crucial to track the promotional activities of your competitors. The online marketing media has made it easy to find those terms and convert them into profitable keywords. But you need to put a significant effect to prepare a list of strong keywords for your site.

Before you use any tool, it is essential to know which of your competitors are doing well on the search engines. Google search will help you to find competitors keywords. Simply search your primary keywords, and you will get a big list of important words. Choose at least four to five agencies from the first-page result and work accordingly for your site. Alternatively, you can also use online tools.


1. Webbee SEO Spider (Free and Paid Both)

It is a great SEO spider that helps you to analyze your site architecture and also monitor the technical SEO problems. Keyword Intelligence Mode feature in it help you to audit your essential keywords on your site. You can see the keyword conflicts on headings, links, and titles.


a) Download and install the software on your system.

b) Type the website of your competitor under ‘keyword intelligence mode’ and hit the start button. It will find competitor keywords that your competition is targeting in their headings, title, and anchor text. Download the report for future use.

You can get search volume for these keywords from the Google Keyword Planner and flier top relevant keyword to target on your site.

2. Screaming Frog Spider

It is a small desktop application that you can install on your PC, Linux machine, or Mac. You can quickly do an SEO audit of your competitor website to get plenty of details like metadata, heading text, alt text, heading text, and much more. All of this information will let you know what your competition is targeting.

3. Buzz Sumo

Buzz sumo work smartly to ensure that you are putting best content which provokes your audience. It is also a great tool to find competitor keywords. It has the ability to reverse competitive keyword research process. Rather than thinking about the competitor keyword first, you can begin with the know keywords to watch out which company ranks for those terms on Google. Buzz sumo will display you the most liked and shared content for a given keyword. It also help you to better understand your keyword types, nuances, and variations that are working. This software may even let you identify your new competition.