The most difficult task in promoting an online business is learning how to increase website traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any website or blog. Without traffic, there can be no profit; without profit, there’s no business. So, in order to achieve success, you must increase your website or blog traffic. It can be complicated or a bit deceiving to find reliable tips and guidance. Still, there are at least three things you can do to increase your visitors on your website.

Article Marketing

An extremely useful tip on how to increase traffic to your website is called article marketing, or bum marketing. See Rosalind Gardner’s definition of “bum marketing.” If you have a website you are trying to promote, you first need highly targeted traffic. One of the best ways to get it includes relevant, keyword rich content. Do some research on your niche. Put together a list of keywords that are relevant to your site or product. Write a short 300-500 word article related to the product and populate the keywords throughout the article. As a general rule, you do not want to use the keywords and keyword phrases more than 3-7 times within your article. This is a method that results in a high level of success.

Create Backlinks

A fabulous tip for learning how to increase traffic to your website is to create backlinks. Backlinks are quite easy and self-explanatory. A backlink is created when someone else’s site includes a link to your website. When you have a link on your site that links to another site, this is called a hyperlink. There are numerous ways you can create a backlink. One way is to join forums that are relevant to your product or site and include your link as part of your signature. What you don’t want to do is “spam.” This means you don’t create a number of social media posts place your site link within them. Rather, be a part of the community with useful replies to questions, or ask your own.

Pay Per Click Ads Increase Traffic

The third tip for learning how to increase visitors on your website is to use pay per click advertising. This can get expensive, but you can create targeted ads with relevant, low competition keywords. In this way, you are sure to make a stable income from sales. In fact, in doing so, the ads may pay for themselves. Make sure you put your keyword in the title of your ad copy as well as in the body of your ad copy. It is highly recommended that you ask a question in the body of your ad. Use “call to action” phrases to draw people to your ad.

SEO software is an amazing tool to help you master these methods for increasing traffic to your website or blog. SEO software gives you tools and features to master increased visitors for profitability. If these three tips on how to increase your website traffic are helpful, you might also enjoy this article: Driving Traffic To Your Website in 2018