It is true that rules of Search Engine Optimization are changing constantly.  Well, SEO is a kind of battlefield and here everyone is fighting to achieve position 1. Therefore, to achieve more traffic on Google than your competitor, it is important to monitor your competitor’s SEO activities on a daily basis and improve your website. SEO Competitor Analysis is an effective strategy to stay forward of the Arcand become champion. So dive in and beat your competitors at their game using the following tips:

Know the other side of the Coin:

To study and monitor your competitor thoroughly should be the first step to reach anywhere in this race. If your competitors have a better ranking, then think about it that, why is my competitor ranking higher. You need to know the tactics and strategies they use. Also pay attention at their on-site SEO, how it looks like. Have they opt any new strategy? Instead of it, always keep an eye on what things they are avoiding. For example, SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer will show you, how your company stacks up against others.  Analyze where your opponents are not recorded and control on those spots. Suppose your top 5 competitor has more than 100 pages quality content and more than 10,000 authority backlinks. Have you ever imagined, how will you reach there? It simply implies that you need to work more on your SEO processes.

Content is a King: 

Content plays an indispensable role in your SEO ranking. Your business is totally depends upon the content. Either it will make your business or break your online business. Your content is a key and it is help to stay at the top position for a long time. There are various websites such as Forbes, Inch are accepted and published only high quality links.if the quality of your article is higher, then ranking of your website will also be higher.

Furthermore, your content should be of high quality, consistent and must be relevant according according to the nature of your website.  Whether you are using SEO, pay per click,  any other digital marketing strategy to attract new visitors to your website, but the quality and amount of the content always matters. Adding fresh content on the daily basis is a plus point. Automated indexing programs, as well as the people who read your pages. High-value content can also lead to viral sharing, which rises the number of external backlinks pointing at your website and further improves your SEO.

Optimize Links: 

Whenever we are talking about links, it means we are talking about Url’s of the pages as well as all the inbound and outbound links. It is important to view your website backlink profile in a timely basis to prevent negative SEO attacks. It is also your duty to review your competitor’s profile’s carefully so that, you must know about the latest strategy they are using and which new thing they have added. SEO-friendly URLs should contain a relevant and expressive keyword, as opposed to random numbers. When it comes to SEO links carry a great deal of weight. Outbound links to consultant websites can help boost your website’s ranking, while inbound links help search engines to crawl your website and regulate which keywords and pages are more significant.

Conduct Keyword Research:

Further, Keyword selection also plays an important role as to boost the ranking of the website. If your target keywords are not working well then, you must change your keywords and focus on them regularly. To depend upon the top ranking keywords is the biggest mistake of the company. You need to emphasis on search inquiries that yield the uppermost traffic for businesses in your group and manufacturing. SEO is the organic domain which changes and evolves on the daily basis. For e.g. Google Analytics is helpful to monitor combinations of different keywords and related correlation Open site explorer is its example and it is helpful to bring you into a limelight. Try to combine the real world results and the future trends to attain high rankings.

Loading speed of the website:

Nowadays, people can’t wait for anything. if your website takes more than 2 seconds for loading and it will definitely lose the interest of the visitor and he will go to another competitor website and never come back to your website again. Automatically, it will show a high bounce rate, which will affect your traffic on Google too. Thus, you have to follow various websites performance parameters to improve your website ranking. Optimized images must be used. There is no shred of doubt in it that, high-quality images are must these days, but it affects the loading time as well. Thus, you can reduce the loading time of the image by reducing its dimensions or by compressing the images by using any software.

Final Thoughts

SEO is not a game of the single day. Your dedication and full concentration will definitely give you more traffic on Google. SEO is necessary to realize the google that your content is useful and relevant. If you fulfil all its requirement, you will get top ranking within a few days. If your competitor is moving before than SEO Competitor Analysis must be done on regular basis to monitor his activities.