Besides the keyword research, link building, and content creation, there are other vital things for operating a successful SEO campaign. One such activity is the rank tracking. It does not matter how outstanding you have implemented your SEO strategy; you can quickly fail if you do not check your rankings timely. The excellent way to keep track of your rankings is by using the by using a keyword rank tracker tool or plugin. The best rank tracker tool helps you to track your search engine optimization performance and ensure that your rankings are enhancing.

1. Rankie
Rankie is the rank tracker plugin for WordPress that allows you to check your keyword position without any issue. The plugin updates the position of keywords every day so that you can see your keyword performance on Google. This beauty of this plugin is that produces ranking reports every month or year. It also gives you a strong keyword list so that you can target your essential keywords. Also, if any person searches for a keyword, then it also adds the keyword searched in your tracker.


Track WordPress ranking on Google

Generate ranking reports

Keyword research tool

2. Rank Tracker by Ahrefs
It is another best keyword rank tracker tool that let you track the keywords and monitor the rankings for both the mobile and desktop devices. For this, you can add multiple countries per keyword to monitor the rankings in different countries. You can also specify the competitors for each keyword you desire to track. This tool offers ranking details via graphs. These graphs display the average traffic, visibility, position, and position distribution. You can check if your site ranks in the several SERP features. This Rank Tracker tool also allows you to sort the keyword list with the tags and filters. With this tool, you can grab plenty of details about your site’s SEO performance and also about your competitors.

09 metrics in rank tracker

Rank Tracker by Ahrefs

3. Rank Math
Rank Math is the SEO plugin for WordPress that is an excellent substitute for the Yoast SEO. It incorporates a lot of features to change your SEO performance hugely. Just like the Yoast SEO, you can optimize your page for SEO by setting the focus keyword as it offers you great advice to boost your SEO score. You can check the preview of your keywords on both the web and mobile.

It let you do full SEO analysis of the WordPress website to ensure that it gets optimized for the search engines. The link building feature in rank math let you add the links to the keywords, and you can redirect the links with the help of a plugin. It has its own search console where you can track the keyword rankings. The plugin directly links with the tool Google search console to help you get the rankings details in your WordPress dashboard.

Focus Keyword Setting
Focus Keyword Setting

4. Simple GA Ranking
Simple GA Ranking is very light in weight and simple keyword rank tracker WordPress plugin that show the rankings with the help of Google Analytics. But just installing the plugin does not mean that it begins tracking the keyword position automatically. For this, you need to set up the plugin manually, and this process is technical.

5. Wincher Rank Tracker
Wincher Rank Tracker is free of cost rank tracker plugin for the WordPress. You can see your keyword ranking, see what your competitors are targeting, and more. Its pro version provides everyday ranking updates.

Wincher Rank Tracker min
Wincher Rank Tracker

6. SERP Watcher
When it comes to tracking the positions, SERPWatcher is an excellent keyword rank tracker tool from Mangools. You can collect information about the keyword you are tracking. It has its own metric known as the Dominance Index that will show your complete dominance in the SERP. It helps to track your keywords, get everyday ranking updates, get reports, and more. The best part of this tool is that you can even use it with the other tools like KWFinder.

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