httpThere are thousands of blogs available to millions of people in which we visit, read and learn. Yet, if a blog doesn’t attract visitors with a welcoming look and feel, they view your page and leave without giving feedback, leaving blog comments, or reacting to your calls to action. You manage a blog and upload amazing content, videos, and images for your readers, but does your blog inspire your readers? Do they drop comments on your blog or request further interaction or discussion? There are so many ways you can encourage your readers to get involved.

Check Your Blog Comment Settings

Many bloggers don’t know that certain blog platform settings can make it difficult for readers to comment. Look closely at the comment settings available in the two most known blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger. You will notice that both platforms include options to limit who can post comments on your blog. There is no explanation given as to the impacts of your selection. With this in mind, before you use these comment settings, make sure you know the impact and limitations. Choose the option that makes it easy for your readers to comment but nearly impossible for spammers to comment.

Ask For Blog Comments

At the end of your post, make sure you ask your readers to leave a comment. Think of it as telling a story and then asking, “So, what do you think?” It is better to write a personalized comment at the end of every blog post. Instead of writing a canned statement like, “Post your comments below” or “leave a comment here,” be specific. Offer a unique request for a comment based on your blog post. Blog comments are useful for discussion, reviews, and outcomes. For those who wish to comment, it’s a perfect way to close your daily blog.

Write A Blog Comment Policy

The blog is yours, so set the rules for your readers and the community to maintain a safe discussion zone. What you choose should depend on your business and the environment as well as that which is sensible. For instance, the blog for a pub might give room for more colorful language than the blog for homeschooling. Before making your own comment policy, check out other people’s blog comment policies. Learn how they handle controversial issues to get inspired for your own blog solutions. A blog comment policy is a safe and professional approach.

Provide Comment Instructions

You should include blog comment instructions next to the Submit button. This kind of info assists new blog readers and gives them confidence to enter a comment and ask for more information. The comment section is a great place to spark interests and ongoing discussions. You may actually need to get technical guidance to place your instructions on your blog page template. As soon as the instructions are in place, they will appear on every post, even those previously published.

Respond To Comments

As you develop your blog community, providing a response to every blog comment is important. This practice lets people know you are paying attention and that you respect your blog family. Try to respond expediently, or you may rely on blogging software that uses automatic email notifications when a new comment from a reader appears. In this way, you may not need to post an immediate response. You can set it up to respond within one business day.  When you respond to comments, you begin to build relationships with your readers for positive outcomes.

Make People Feel Good About Their Comments

Your response to peoples’ blog comments makes a huge impact on how they feel about your online community. Your opinion of their comment as well as your attitude are revealed in your word choices and the points you make. Be cautious when replying to comments and welcome opposing views. As a blogger who is building a blog community, you need self-control for your own protection. There will be times when some individuals won’t agree with you. You have to respect and appreciate that every person has a unique life experience that might lead them to have a particular viewpoint. They are not right or wrong; they simply may have a different view on a subject.

Build your blog community with thoughtful replies. Show a sense of appreciation to blog comments and to your blog commenters. They are doing you a favor by reading your post and dropping a comment. Developing a blog community through blog post replies is a skill you will become good at over time. Take a look at other blogs, comments, and replies to get some ideas. There you have it–6 brilliant ways to increase your blog comments. For more great techniques like these, take a look at this article: 7 Blogging Tips That Every Blogger Needs for a Successful Blog.