What is a backlink?

The linking of one website from one to another is a backlink. The search engine results benefit greatly from this as your rankings can climb if you great backlinks to support your website with. the SEO rankings will see a definite jump if you happen to get the right kind of backlinks to your site. The weight given to backlinks by the search engines cannot be estimated as such, but it definitely has an impact to improve the search results of a website. The backlinks have to be obtained organically and not manufactured just to up your rankings on the search engine. The quality of links that you use on your website matters and poor quality backlinks have a negative impact on your site. Now you can check out them with a backlink checker.

To gain a lot of backlinks is malpractice done by the website owners, this can lead to penalty and disqualification of the website. Resorting to purchase and other black hat tactics won’t work well for the long term benefits of the site. The search engines are strictly against this practice, but there are those who would like to benefit until the noose is tightened. The punishment for such practices is well known and many websites have faced this. There would sure be deindexing from the search lists in the search results and heavy penalty imposed to deter them to resort to such non-prescribed motions again.

Why it is important?

A backlink is considered an inbound link to the website you hold. If a person or a firm link their site yours, this leads to the creation of a backlink. The search optimization is immensely benefitted by this process, hence a sizable amount in the budget is secured by the agency who does SEO of your website for setting up backlinks campaign. These are effective measures to ensure that you get some really productive backlinks that really boost your website results on the search engine. Instead of just adding a number of links with little or no value, it is better to have few but very good links that add a lot of potential to your website and help you in the long run. Make use of backlink checker.

Knowing your competitor’s backlinks

If you have to outdo the competition, you will have to check out which are the backlinks that are out there that your competitors are using for their websites. It is now for you to find better backlinks so that you are able to out beat them. This can be done with the collecting information regarding backlink data which is crucial for the ranking that your competitor is possessing. If you do this from several competitors you will end up having a pretty big collection of data bank of backlinks which will a helpful way to reuse them when needed and the required traffic to your website.

How you will procure these backlinks from your competitors would be the first task you would have to employ. It definitely needs great strategies and of course funds to do this. There has to an analysis that has to take place for all the backlinks your competitor has and work on them which will help you put a perfect base for your website link profile. It wouldn’t be just fair to replicate the backlinks that your competitor has, but you will have to have some of your own and that also should be used to leverage your site.

If you happen to use a backlink checker which will help you check out the top ten results of the competitor’s backlinks. The number of free and paid backlinks have to be chosen carefully based on their credibility, the backlink profile is essential for giving a full review with the help of checker of backlinks. The databases are various and hence you may get varying results for them. There has to be a combination of the data received from the checkers of backlinks to get the full picture and then make the required assessment.

How to pick the best backlink checker

There are so many reviews for the best tools that can be found online. When you have a clear analysis of the backlink profile of the competitors, you will be able to work out ways to get them for yourselves. The need to have a backlink analysis done to check out the rank the sites which have a unique target perspective. These web-based services are in the form of checks for backlinks. There are a lot of checker tools available online and you can pick out the one that suits you.

There amazing and popular checker tools that really break down the data in various ways that you would like it to be for your usage. The number of links from the IPs to the pages which have anchor text can be found out through the help of checker which do it for you. The links are segregated and categorized so you can visualize them first and pictorially in the form of graphs and other charts. But if you want so many specifications, you would have to shell out more.

There is one of the desktop applications that also has been one of the checkers for backlinks for quite some time now. The backlines are procured from various sources with their own database which in turn have their own links which help you to build on your database of backlinks which have similar to what the backlinks that are present, these also can be directedly accessed with the help of this software. You can procure the status of links obtained with the help of backlink checker in real time along with the ranking they on the page based results that are shown on search results as well the location of the anchor texts. These can be personalized to the user needs with the help of placing them in PDF reports.

The above application is for a one-time fee during the time of purchase, unlike the ones that provide you online services with a monthly fee for the usage you have done. There are free versions of the checker tools that people can use but these may have a few limitations as compared to the paid versions of the tools.