Over the years, WordPress has become the primary content management system (CMS) for advertising thousands of successful businesses. As one of the most powerful and user-friendly web management and blogging platforms, WordPress is an essential element to a modern web experience. Not only that, no coding expertise is required.

Must-Have WordPress Plug-Ins

That being said, the right plug-ins are also essential. Plug-ins are the add-ons developers design to add specialty functions to your program. Some functions include automation, extra security, and blog management tools.

Without plug-ins, you are limited in how your overall website and blog perform. A WordPress plug-in provides a whole new look for your secure eCommerce platform and more. Cosmetics go a long way in terms of your customers. In order to make the most of your WordPress CMS, let’s look at some of the most popular add-ons on the market that you could be using. If you have a WordPress site, look into the following plug-ins for business inspiration.


Aptly named, the plug-in Defender is nothing short of brilliant. Backed by a brand featuring a superhero, this wonderful solution acts as your website’s own personal bouncer. It is made to address hackers that create super-viruses aimed at millions of unprotected websites. With little effort, Defender helps you protect your assets and avoid a cyber disaster including hacking.

While it’s true every business and individual has lost data in the past due to unexpected attacks, having the right plug-in may prevent these types of issues. The Defender plug-in solution identifies vulnerabilities on your website and guides you in how to fix them–in a matter of minutes. The post-attack cleanup is simple and leaves your site in the best possible state. You can also secure your site with a security patch-up program. Out of all the plug-ins that you could work with, Defender is highly recommended as one of the most important to protect your WordPress site.


The Hummingbird plug-in is extremely helpful to WordPress users. Hummingbird is a very powerful WordPress plug-in that uses an effective website scanner and a smart range of algorithms to rate your website. It then identifies and reports any issues found on your website.

Given that most people don’t want to wait over 4 seconds for your website to load, per Kissmetrics, you need a website that loads fast and shows visitors what they want in record time. Hummingbird helps to ensure site speed, optimization, and overall quality are as good as possible.

By taking a thorough scan of your site, this plug-in is designed to locate any issues and follow it with an immediate resolution. Accuracy is vital in any business, and your website is one of the most important customer-facing components to your business. This plug-in can compress and compile background information in order to clean up your site backend.


One complaint some users have about WordPress is that the website can easily become plagued with spam and other annoying or inappropriate content. For example, comment sections at the end of your articles are subject to spam and can leave your readers displeased. This type of content can also clutter your site and look very unprofessional.

Askimet is a plug-in that steps in to counter this problem. It monitors comments and flags those deemed as inappropriate. It helps identify content that may need to be perfected or agreed upon by site moderation (you or your team). Essentially, Askimet is a verification system as to what gets posted on your site. It is exceptional for your WordPress blog site as well.

XML Sitemaps

An absolute must for anyone who is serious about using WP, XML Sitemaps is a worthy download. It offers a great solution for sitemap creation that talks to search engine crawlers. By using XML Sitemaps, search engines can better understand built-in code for best visibility and searches by your customers.

For example, an XML Sitemaps is crucial in making sure search engines can better index the way your blog manages itself. Web crawlers are essential to exposing your hard work whether on your website or your blog. Invest in XML Sitemaps as a simple solution for improving your online visibility.


Snapshot is your buddy for making sure your WP site is safe. Invest in Snapshot and you’ll find it gives you an impressive form of website backup. If you get hacked, this plug-in is made to restore your site in a matter of seconds. It works in wonderful tandem with tools like Defender. When paired with other smart defense solutions, Snapshot can give you added peace of mind.

This plug-in works together with features like Dropbox and Google Drive as well. You can use it to save a backup copy of your website onto your PC. The more backups you have, the better. Snapshot makes it easy to get serious about online safety.

Start With Exceptional WordPress Plug-Ins

These amazing plug-ins make your WordPress experience more than exceptional. Take the time to look into these applications. Some of them are the most useful solutions for high-end WordPress users. When you use WooCommerce to boost your businesses eCommerce potential, these plug-ins will help maintain a stable and secure foundation.

Never build anything without a solid foundation. These are the best WordPress plug-ins any website should start with. Check out this related article for more information about using WordPress: Why WordPress Makes Sense For Your Company