Best Content Marketing Strategies : It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a seasoned business owner, if you have a website it probably needs to be refreshed with some website content strategies that “wow.” While imagery is critical, words are more significant now than ever before. What you write should have a lot to do with your audience demographics, but first impressions are often similar experiences for most consumers. If you don’t have a website, it’s a huge negative for your business growth. If you have an outdated website, it’s a huge negative in terms of competition. In any case, it is almost always time for a content marketing redesign. It’s a lot like an oil change—you need to modify your website content strategy every six months. There is a minimum of four things you can do to accommodate new visitors, as most subconsciously seek these elements.



Web Appeal in Your Content Strategy

You need to impress your audience with web appeal. Invest in a modern template with graphics and text placeholders and pay the $10 a month! Unless you are an expert, handmade websites are not only obvious but they are dull and speak volumes about the value of your products and services—or the lack of. Your customer searched for a product or service you sell. Your site came up based on your website optimization techniques. In 10 seconds or less, your visitors have to make a decision as to whether to click deeper on your website or go on to the next out of the dozen that came up. Answer these questions. Is your home page attractive, organized, and clear? Do you have imagery and words at the top of the page to impress your viewers and make them want to learn more? Is it clear what you are selling? Are you incorporating the right keywords to get your audience there in the first place? In a blog article at Invisionapp, it is reported, “Judgments on website credibility are 75% based on a website’s overall aesthetics.” Your best content marketing strategy today must include web appeal.

Get To The Message!

If it’s not clear what you are selling in a few words at the top of your homepage, you may as well forget about selling anything at all. When you visit a site that includes endless words but you still can’t figure out what it means or what to do with it, you move on. Mixed messages are another problem. When owners are selling a variety of services, the one service consumers are seeking may be buried in the mix. For example, if a consumer needs a website domain name they may visit an IT managed services company. The company sells data backups, security, server space, and domain names, but they may never find domain names unless it is incorporated along with all of the services near the top of the homepage.

Today, the words you choose for your website in a competitive online marketplace are essential for the outcome of long-term leads and customers. It’s simple—get to the message and make it clear and precise. Use some “wow” words with meaning. There is room for creativity in the mix. Your updated website content strategy should contain a succinct message.

Oxygenate Your Website Content

Stagnant, endless website content is not the solution consumers are looking for. Your blog page is the best place to be long-winded. Your home page must be clean with plenty of white space in between your unique and precise message. It may be time to oxygenate your content. There is nothing worse than a cluttered homepage with so much imagery and text your visitors simply can’t find anything. Look at each paragraph of text, and make an effort to condense it to the words you must include in order for your viewers to understand what you have to offer. This includes your About page, where most any strong lead wants to learn more about you. There is too much competition not to include a revealing About page. For example, a person seeking an arborist or a carpet cleaner is not going to hire without first seeking credentials. A personal bio and photo can go a long way toward creating loyal customers. Are you real? Add some life to your text. Breathe in some fresh ideas and remove the filler content. An expert site must be founded on the best content strategy.

A Decade of Stories

It seems to be a decade of stories. Everyone has one, and consumers want to hear it. Make your website visitor experience one that feels personal, engaging, and committed. Do this on your home and about pages. Tell your story. It brings an element of human-ness to your products and services. It makes you stand out among your competitors and gives you an advantage. It’s true, not everyone needs a story but capitalize on those who do. Study the generations, study your audience, and find out more about what attracts them. If you don’t know much about them, you can’t sell to them. Share your “feel-good” story with the world in a professional and heartfelt way that may go viral.

Wow Your Audience With the Best Website Content Strategies

If you are following up on current ideas for website optimization, content marketing, and text strategies, your website refresh should come naturally. Go online often for trending SEO and SEM tactics to keep your audiences alive. Find a web content writer to guide you for superior Home page and About page messaging. Most of all, find website strategies that “wow” in web appeal, precise messages, oxygenated content, and stories that resonate. Get your visitors to love your overall website presence and want to buy from you. Remember, the best content marketing strategies begin with YOU!