It is a complex and difficult task to achieve first-page ranking on Google. Have you ever wondered, “Where is my website traffic coming from??” The ability to improve search engine ranking is not a cake walk. If you want to improve search engine ranking to your site, there is a proven way to do it. If you want a particular audience to find you through a Google search, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be your top priority. SEO tools are one of your best resources.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

It is impossible to lead your business if no one can find you. There is a 33% chance that top-level search engine results will actually be clicked upon. It is also true that more than 75% of people don’t click on second-page search results. Therefore, you want your website to display on page one. There are few things to keep in mind to enhance your website ranking. Take a look at 7 of the smartest advanced tips to improve search engine ranking:

Keyword rank tracker tools

How To Perform Keyword Research:

Keywords play an important role to improve website content. SEO campaigns will fail without proper keyword research. It is the building block of the SEO strategy. A “long-tailed keywords” approach is highly effective to improve your search ranking. When you take into account the entirety of a phrase versus a word, this method as this attracts more visitors to your website. In turn, you have an opportunity to beat your competition.

High-quality content:

How often do you update your website? If you’ve not modified your website content since it was been built, you will not improve SEO and rank on search engines. If you want your traffic to increase, you must give visitors reasons to revisit your website again and again. For this purpose, you need high quality, relevant and recent content. This will also help you achieve good onpage optimization in SEOThe time your target audience spends on your site also plays an important role in ranking. If you have good, informative content, people love to spend more time on your website. They find the content unique and valuable.

Responsive Websites: 

In today’s gadget and gizmo’s era, it takes only seconds or minutes to search on any topic. Did you know that Google gives priority to mobile versions of websites compared to desktop versions? Thus, companies should focus on an SEO-friendly mobile website. This technique will lead to a healthy Google ranking and minimized bounce rates. It is a fast and effective way to improve search engine optimization. 

High Load-speed: 

Nowadays, consumers don’t’ want to wait for anything. If your website takes more than two seconds to load, visitors lose interest. Your lead will almost always go to a competitor website and may never come back to yours. In turn, this shows a high bounce rate in your online statistics, which also affects your Google ranking.

Don’t Buy Links, Earn Them:

Quantity and quality of the inbound links have a great impact on website ranking. Buying and selling links is against webmaster guidelines. Furthermore, Google analytics is one of the best ways to detect unnatural and fake links. Thus, if you are buying or selling links, it will definitely lower your website’s ranking.


There is no doubt if your website has more content through the use of blogs, it is easier to optimize on a search engine. It can be done with the help of a dedicated blog page. This tactic is highly recommended. Post a blog once a week. This gives Google the indication that your website is active and encourages viewing favorability.

Optimize your Images: 

Images and pictures represent your website. But, optimize these images properly to improve your website ranking. The file format and size of your images should be exceptional, or your SEO ranking may suffer. Resize and compress images for best optimization. Use keywords in the heading of your image as well as the caption and “alt txt” fields. Perform keyword researchso you are certain to select the right keywords relevant to your target audience.

Timeframe to Improve Search Engine Ranking

If you recently started to focus on SEO tools and SEO ranking, hopefull,y these 7 advanced tips will help. Incorporate them into your content as soon as possible, and improve search engine ranking on Google for the long term. Monitor your results regularly. It may not possible to complete this work overnight, but start at the top. When you achieve results, you’ll be anxious to get the work done for better on-page optimization in SEO. When you improve SEO, the possibilities are countless. For more guidance to improve SEO, read on.