Many blog posts may have good content but are not inviting enough to draw readers. Some blogs just don’t get the attention they used to. The infiltration of blogs is high and readers are becoming more particular about the material they choose to spend their time reading. Often, readers just skim the highlights for something new.

You can overcome this problem with your own blog. You can make your blog post attractive enough for readers to want to stay on your page a little longer. Get them to read more of your content. Make your blog posts more inviting in five simple ways:

Use Sizeable Images

A sizeable “hero” image is a vast trend in web design. Such an image at the beginning of your blog post invites people to take an interest in the content and also makes a statement. The fact is, blog posts that include an image once every 75-100 words attract more readers. These blog posts also receive more shares than posts with fewer or no images. Use big images, and use them frequently to attract readers of all types. There are plenty of free images (be sure to check) or you can pay for a subscription to get quality graphics for your posts. It is one of the best ways to get noticed when your graphical post is shared on various social media platforms like FacebookTwitter and more.

Use Riveting Titles for Your Blog Post 

When you use interesting, riveting titles for your blog articles, your post is likely to be read and shared by readers more often. If you find crafting a catchy title a challenge, rely on the Internet to get some ideas or try a software program like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. This program helps you improve your titles base on what people are searching for. Find headlines that increase search rankings. A catchy title brings in more readers, making it possible for you to build your blog community and gain the results you seek.

Try Ready-Made Tweets

You have the option to make it simple for your blog readers to share your blog post bits on Twitter. With some helpful tools and plug-ins like Social WarfareClick to Tweet, or CoSchedule, you can score. These tools help you form a unique piece for everyone to share on Twitter or other social networking platforms. These bits can also include your Twitter name and a link back to your blog post or page. The opportunity to share ready-made tweets helps break up your blog post content and add more interest to your post.

Use Headers, Quotes, and Images

Make your blog posts attractive when you add visual interest. Break up your blog post content with a blend of headers, quotes, and large images. A reader may actually spend more time based on these elements rather than skimming your article. It is disappointing when a reader abandons the page before they reach the highlights of your piece. With catching headers, famous quotes, and fascinating images, visitors will more likely take time to read the content in between. The post becomes easier to read and it’s more interesting when a relevant element supports the content. Place blog headers and titles in different colors and sizes. Include a humorous or timeless quote that is practically made for social media sharing.

Add Calls to Action in Blog Posts

It can be annoying when you visit certain blog posts and find the first item on the page is a call to action asking you to sign up. Calls to action are in fact one of the most important items on your posts and pages, but timing is everything. Readers need to know more before you hit them with a call to action.

You can’t just push people into signing up for something they know nothing about. They need a reason. An early call to action can be a disruption, but a creative call to action in the right place can lead to customer loyalty. Give your readers a chance to read your post before you include a well-crafted, engaging call to action. This technique will lead to positive comments and rewarding feedback based on some good reading. You readers are likely to sign up for a giveaway or newsletter when you place calls to action with care.

There you have it–five simple ways in which you can make your blog posts more inviting. It will cost little and result in plenty. For more great ideas to improve your blogging skills, see SEO Tips for Daily Bloggers—Part I and SEO Tips for Daily Bloggers—Part II.