Monetizing your blog is the most common way to earn extra income. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways in which to do this. Let’s look into the best blog monetization methods below:

1.     Sell ad space directly to interested advertisers

This is an effective monetization method since you have full control over every aspect of your advertising choice. You can ask the advertising price you want. However, it can take some time before you can directly sell ad space on your blog. You have to build a huge audience for it. You have to let the blog mature first. Advertisers won’t be buying ad space from you if you don’t have enough traffic or influence to be worth it. So, if you are planning on selling ad space, don’t do it if your blog is new. You should wait until you’ve grown an audience for your blog.

2.     Promote affiliate products

Referred to as affiliate marketing, this concept is about promoting other people’s products and earning commissions from the sales you make. This is a very attractive monetization method because you don’t have to acquire your own products or carry any inventory. All you need to do is promote the affiliate products. Everything else will be handled by the affiliate company, from billing to shipping.

3.     Write paid reviews for monetizing your blog

Paid reviews can be a lucrative method for monetizing your blog, especially if you are running a review site. The setup is simple. You review a product or service and get paid for it. How much you get paid will depend on many factors. Naturally, the more web traffic your blog receives, the higher fee you can demand from those you review.

4.     Display AdSense ads

AdSense is the king when it comes to online advertising. It’s the largest online ad provider, placing ads on millions of websites. Because of this, it is also the highest-paying program. The key to success with AdSense ads is relevancy. You have to make sure the ads showing up on your blog are relevant to the content.

5.     Set up a subscription-based newsletter

A newsletter is one of the most difficult monetization strategies, but it can earn you a lot if you have a large blog audience. What you do is offer unique content that cannot be found on your own blog. Subscriptions can be monthly or yearly, or based on how often you send out your newsletters.

6.     Sell your own product or service via your blog

If you have written an eBook, a program, or anything of value, you can offer it for sale on your blog. The good news is that you get to keep all of your profits. The methods discussed above are the best strategies in monetizing your blog. These are the strategies that 90% or more bloggers use to earn significant incomes from their blogs. For best results, you should utilize not one but several of the methods. It’s never a good idea to rely on a single blog monetization method. Try to diversify your blog income sources as much as possible. The more income sources, the better.

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