Calling all bloggers and blogger-wanna-be’s. The biggest mistake bloggers make is that they do not blog each day. I have asked people if they have a blog, and they answer “yes.” Then I visit their blog and I find out they haven’t written in the blog for months. I like to call these people “non-bloggers.” If you do not write on your blog every day, there’s no cause for a reader to come back. If you have a blog and you do not replace or add fresh content regularly, then you DO NOT have a blog.

Bloggers must have a writing schedule and commit to constant writing. Plan to write a half-hour per day. You may not produce one post per day, and that is fine. By writing 30 minutes a day you refine your skills, practice your writing and pull together a consistent flow of useful content. Some posts may take 15 minutes to write. Others may take a week. It is the constant effort toward your blog that matters.

More Types of Bloggers

The next biggest mistake bloggers make is that they become salespeople instead of writers. I call these people “sales bloggers.” Too often, I see a blog and it is a full-blown sales letter with a hardcore sales pitch. Do you really think readers will continue to come back and read your blog on a daily basis if all you’re doing is trying to sell them stuff? You should view your blog as if you are a writer for the LA Times. You’re a journalist, a columnist; and when the morning paper comes out, you have a following of readers that can’t wait to read your column to find out what you wrote about today.

Your audience wants more than an article that sells your own products and services. A sales pitch in the wrong publication is like going on a bad date in which your companion continuously talks about themselves. Be yourself! You’re more than just your products and services.

Bloggers Stuck on Ads

The next biggest mistake I see bloggers do is they flood their blog with advertisements. These “ad bloggers” read an article about making money with their blog or about AdSense, and all of a sudden many ads populate their blogs. Distracting readers with too many ads is a good way to actually offend your readers. The people that do this are usually the ones that call themselves bloggers and yet make no money online. They have no traffic to their blog and they make excuses about how nothing works for them. Readers often see this as unpleasant.

Ban the Banner Bloggers

Along the same lines as the AdSense blogger is the blogger that has banners popping up repeatedly on their blog. I call this person the “banner blogger.” Again, this is an offensive tactic and the blogger likely won’t gain any readers. As you know, a banner must get clicked for it to be productive.

Banners don’t get the conversation going. Bloggers don’t meet their readers by coincidence. One of the best ways to introduce yourself is to comment on other blogs. Do you see an interesting post on a related blog? Join the discussion! Leave a comment.

Bloggers That Use Too Many Links

The last blogging mistake I see out there comes from the “linking blogger.” This blogger typically does not use AdSense, does not include banners and yet writes good content. So why would I find fault in this person’s blog? The linking blogger believes a link is all they need in the blog to drive traffic to their capture page or create a business opportunity. If you are a linking blogger, minimize this technique and your blog readership is likely to expand.

Think of your blog as if you were a news reporter on the evening news. They aren’t trying to sell you stuff, they are just reporting on information…right? Well, linking bloggers, you are so close to perfection. Try placing a link at the bottom near your signature once a week instead of every day, and believe it or not you are likely to see a big increase in readers. Trust me, people know how to find out more about you or something you’ve written. They will find you, ask questions in the comment section of your blog, and contact you. Those are the leads you want to run with!

Become a Great Blogger

Great bloggers must take responsibility to learn the best tools needed to blog. Learn to create a heading, a link, a list and a blockquote using your blog editor. Learn to work with images, too. These are not difficult things to do or to examine. It’s your responsibility to know them so that you can produce the best-quality blog posts possible.

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