So many bloggers and website owners are not aware of the importance of SEO. Or perhaps, they don’t know how to implement it. For everyone who is reading- it’s a method by which you can rank your website higher on the SERPs. We’ll talk about off page SEO techniques in detail here.

A lot of techniques are available to implement the same. Most marketers and bloggers begin with the on-page SEO. But that’s not the end. Search engines look for a lot more things before they crawl any website to the top results.

Then there is off page SEO, which does not limit itself to links, as people think. In its simple terms, off-page SEO lets search engines know what others have to say about your site. If other websites have a lot of links that point towards your site, search engines assume that your website has quality content.

off page SEO

Off-page search engine optimization is important because most of what matters to the search engines; happen away from your site. Quite a lot of techniques add up to make off-page SEO. These are helpful in generating a significant number of visitors to your site.

Let us have a look at the off page SEO techniques that can drive organic traffic to your site.

Focus on your Brand

If you do not have a service or product that can help viewers in any way, no SEO strategy will work for you. Even if it works, it won’t last any longer. To survive the market, you need to focus on your brand in the first place.

If people are happy with what you have to offer to them, SEO becomes way easier for you. Once you become a reputed brand, the emphasis on this aspect comes down significantly. But it is possible when you have that image.

This happens only when you shift your prime focus on your product, and then on its advertisement.

Then is the customer service, which makes or breaks the reputation of the brand. Did you see how a passenger was manhandled in the United Airlines flight 3411 owing to the overbooking of flight? This one incident caused the airlines a loss of millions of dollars as it had hit hard on its reputation.

To have a reputed brand, you need to ensure the quality of service to your customers and visitors.

Optimize the Site for Mobile Devices

In a 2017 stat, the number of smartphone shipment amounted to 1.46 billion units. It means that more people search for things through their mobile devices than on computer systems. There’s no denial of the fact that mobile sites are a little slow, but the AMP project helps here. This project by Google increases the loading speeds by 15 to 85%.

With so many people shifting to the mobile versions, your website must be accessible on their devices. You can work with a digital marketing expert in this regard, especially when you have no idea about it.

Get in Touch with Social Media Influencers

It’s a dead thought that social media does not help a brand get the traffic and leads. If used wisely, social media can be an asset to any brand.

When you socialize and build relations with the influencers, you get a significant reach, fans, and followers. A social media influencer is usually connected to others, and it is like a chain.

The effective strategy to boost off page SEO is to get to know them in person. This way, they will recognize you the next time you post content. If you’re lucky enough, they might share it as well.

That’s how you’ll possibly get quite a lot of organic traffic on your site through the search engine clicks.

Social Bookmarking for Off Page SEO

It is one of the greatest ways by which you can promote your site on the internet. In this technique, you just have to submit the link of your latest posts to a popular bookmarking site.

Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon are the ones to name a few. Search engines find sites like these useful as the content there is updated frequently.

While submitting your post there, you need to take care of the tags because they are essential to broadcast something. This becomes even more critical when the spectrum of the broadcast is wide. The more effectively you participate, the more traffic you will receive on your site.

Go Easy on Links in Guest Blogging

It is true that the prime focus of guest blogging to generate a backlink for your site. But you should not do it solely for links. You should instead build relations with top editors, publishers, and brands of the same niche.

To make guest blogging effective for off page SEO, you should look for mutual benefit than just a transitional relationship. Links do come on priority, but the checklist is necessary as well.


guest blogging off page seo Read the guest posting guidelines before contacting the blog owner. Also, make sure that you follow the guidelines if your pitch gets accepted.Always remember that guest posts are not advertisements, so, don’t use them as one. A guest blog must contain every bit of related information. It should focus more on the information than just your business.Submit your Website to Search EnginesIt is natural that your website will come under the radar of search engines, but to speed up, you can submit the URL. What it does is that it supplies the address of your website to the search engine and makes it aware of your website.It is better to submit individual pages as the search engine will not have to spider the site through just the homepage. Every search engine has its own regulations that you have to follow. Some discourage bulk submissions in an attempt to reduce the spamming.Remember that mere submission does nothing. The page that you submit must be optimized accordingly. Submission is a mere reminder for the search engine that you are one in the ocean. Poorly optimized web pages can do more harm than good after submission.