As with every form of search engine optimization (SEO), the goal for website owners is to improve search rankings among search engines, get more traffic, and increase your customer base in order to sell your products and services. That’s a no-brainer, but just how to do it presents some challenges. When you begin to understand the interworking of a search engine along with on-page and off-page SEO, the tasks get a little easier. Let’s break it down.

How Does A Search Engine Work

Search engines like Google typically look for specific items when they return links based on customer inquiries. In other words, when a consumer searches for “dog food,” for example, the search engine uses some specific algorithms when it decides what results to display, in what order. Search engines look for data based on both on-page optimization and off-page optimization. So, what are those? On-page optimization is based on topics, or keywords, as to what your page is about. Off-page optimization is based on just how popular and authoritative a website is.

More About On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO is a method for optimizing the sections of your website in order to improve your search rankings. For example, if you manage your own website (or if someone manages it for you), modify your page elements (or metadata) for effective on-page optimization. These page elements include title tags, headings, content, links, URL keywords, image text, and speed.

  • Title Tags. Your content management system (CMS) has a placeholder for title tags on your pages that are key to search engines.
  • Headings. Your key page headings generally rise to the top in searches, so the relevant heading keywords you choose to describe your products are significant.
  • Content. Engaging, relevant and interesting content is perhaps one of the most important factors for your pages. You want your audience to quickly find what they need, or you lose their interest early in the search process. Search on Google for how they measure content.
  • Links. Internal linking is a great benefit. A link to your pages to direct your leads to the pages on your website that matter most. Blogging is an effective solution for displaying internal links.
  • URL Keywords. If you are establishing your website, consider embedding keywords into your URLs for increased searchability.
  • Image Text. There is an Alt Text field for your images that are completely searchable that can increase your rankings all the more. This text is not a visible entity on your pages, but the search engines can pick it up.
  • Speed. When website pages load faster, search engines love it. Try not to overload your pages with graphical entities that don’t quickly display when the page is launched.

More About Off-Page Optimization

Website owners find-on-page SEO the most valuable in terms of search engines; but off-page SEO is an important component of ranking as well. Domain authority, or page authority, is a score to measure the strength of a website based on links and linking root domains. The number of high-quality external links (or backlinks from other sites) plays a large role. You can build links a number of ways:

  • Relevant and engaging content on your site when your link is clicked from another site (a review site like Yelp or Foursquare are excellent choices)
  • Social media from your satisfied audiences
  • Emails that include links to your site
  • Regular or guest blog posts that include links to your pages
  • Review and comments on other sites that include your website link

Keep in mind that having lots of links is not as valuable as the quality of the link results on your pages. In other words, be sure to link to the pages on your site that will produce the best results. Your improved landing page optimization will bring results you didn’t expect. Use a free domain authority checker to learn your current status before you begin.

The best SEO tools are not that hard to figure out, but there is a lot to learn. Outrankio can help you get started, improve your conversion rate optimization, transform your website, and take your business to a new level. Let us guide you to business success.