Organic search is the ability to put in several search terminologies into the browser or perhaps a single one to get the prescribed list of sites you would be searching for. The relevance is given to the terms that were used for the search process and will therefore not include the ads. There is another kind and it is the non-organic search which includes the ads and there is the payment involved where a click on the site will get a payment to the browser. The importance of organic search is underestimated.

How it is differentiated

You will know that popular search engines gain revenue by allowing ads on their search results. They will make sure that that the ads are connected to what is on the search results but will not actually be the depicting what you are searching for. The differences can be distinguished with respect to

  • Background
  • Text
  • Colors
  • Placement on the page

The ads and the organic search results had to be distinguished as they were being still difficult to identify for ordinary users. As they presumed every part of the page were related to the results. Hence organic search results had to be differentiated to allow the users to know what they were looking for and not accidentally got on the page. There will always be bias on the number of ads that that will on any browser site at any given point of time and the percentage of organic results very less though the claims are disputed by the popular browsers, as research and survey have really shown that it is always that profitability will have an upper edge.

To get an organic search there are now various ways that are being worked out and some of them are being put to use such as

  • By using browser add-ons
  • Plugins
  • Blocking Ads

The idea was to differentiate between direct and organic traffic. Knowing your traffic sources well would help solve the problem and know which kind of traffic you are getting into. To analyze this many of the popular browsers resort to an algorithm and flow chart to get to know the source of traffic. The kinds of traffic would be

  • Referral
  • Social
  • Organic
  • Paid search
  • Emails
  • Others
  • Direct

When the site is shown through another site on the search engine that would be the referral traffic. The social traffic would be from social networking sites. The traffic from search engine results will be the organic one and the paid search as the name suggests is through paid advertising through various platforms. The marketing done through emails will be email traffic. The other ways that the people get to know of your site comes in the other traffic category. When there is no reference for the source to check out your site would be the direct traffic.

The direct traffic is when the traffic is not with the usual referral visits made. This can be done by

  • The employees of the company
  • The regular customers
  • There is actual traffic which is direct
  • Emails marketing visitors to your site
  • The mobile messaging visitors to your site.
  • Desktops software clicks
  • Secure and non-secure sites

Actually sourcing the traffic for such purpose has become way more difficult as the marketers are no longer allowed to source the traffic.

The organic traffic is through inbound marketing, this when the traffic comes directly by search engine results. There can be campaigns that drive the traffic to organic which may be through offline support and even paid search can give way to organic traffic. It has to be most of the organic search you get to see is through the use of SEO. The ranking has to great with a good dose of unique yet competitive keywords that do the trick. The content has to updated and it has to be optimized so that it gets searched and gets to be seen by the visitors to your site.

If you are looking for an improved position you will have to work on your site to get your pages ranked higher and seek out better opportunities for the SEO for your website to move the rungs of the search results positions. The promotion of blog content will inevitably help you gauge the traffic content and the results and the correlate to the efforts that are put into making the traffic increase in number over a period of time and look up the trends and get to report of the improvements that could be made over time.

Increasing organic traffic

You will have to watch out to know the consumer behavioral patterns and then you can build. You will have to create content that resonates with the consumers. There will be ideal buyers who will reflect your views and when the organic search queries get the right keywords that match with the buyer’s persona will you be successful in drawing them to your site. The improvement in the form using the SEO tools and techniques to generate quality content. Then there are other options that really work great such as blogging, this definitely will bring on organic traffic to the site, there will in-depth and built the required catalog with the required optimized content which concentrates on the audience you want to target.

For this, you will have to have some top-notch and popular bloggers who will give high content-driven blogs which will add to the driving the organic traffic to your website. The need to read, like and comment on other popular blogs and sites will help you see the reciprocation of your acts to your site, but its not always the case but most of the time if you build your repertoire of good bloggers and if you can get them to write content for your blogs, then you will definitely gain by this strategic move. There is a definite benefit of using long-tailed keywords, as people who are searching for particular products and services will definitely vouch for such words which specify all the search related keywords which are put together in the form of phrase or phrases.