Organic website traffic is the most cost-efficient method for attracting leads to your site.

When you spend some time on your own search engine optimization (SEO) and populate your content with the right keywords, you generate traffic without ever creating an ad.

You see, organic traffic doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming like a highly paid advertising campaign that may not convert your potential clients.


More Info About Organic Traffic


The process of attracting your audience through organic means is not easy but it’s basically free and likely to perform into the months and years ahead.

If you have the time to invest in the process, your return on investment (ROI) can be exciting.

If you lack the time, consider a reasonable contractor, third-party blogger or developer to use the same methods covered here in lieu of an expensive marketer.


Organic Traffic Through Quality Content


All of the articles in the world will likely be ineffective if you don’t spend the time to create accurate, high-quality blog posts that have meaning, and then optimize your content for search results.

You may have the right topics and keyword spread to attract readers but one small mistake, poor grammar, or meaningless sentences will drive your visitors away in seconds and they won’t be back. Your credibility is then lost.

It’s a fact that high-quality content ranks better since most search engines can assess poor sentence structure and bad language (yes, even in this era of short-phrase, totally incorrect text messaging).


Organic Traffic Through Right Keywording 


If you call on a keyword research tool to help you find the right keywords, you might notice popular two- and three-word phrases show high competition.

While a short phrase may be relevant for your business, the competition may be so high that it is difficult for you to stand out among search engines.

For example, as a marketing company, adding the words “marketing company” to your content is a wash. There are too many marketing companies.


Try long-tail keyword phrases that are less competitive and yet still relevant words that your audience is using to find your products and services. If you use the words “marketing company in Charlotte NC,” your odds of landing in search results are higher.

Consider specific search strings you are certain your customers would use to find you, and those are the keyword phrases you need to include in your content.

Keep in mind keywords must also be strategically placed in banners, headlines, and metadata. 


Gain a Following With Consistent Content


When you receive a coupon or deal from your favorite supplier, you are likely a loyal customer or soon to become one.

Your ability to deliver regular, accurate articles on your website or your blog site generally becomes an important aspect of driving and maintaining traffic.

You essentially deliver direct news and information your readers must have. LinkedIn and Facebook are perfect examples of how consistent newsworthy articles are reaching large audiences, exposing brands, and attracting customers.

These platforms are less invasive than direct email campaigns and yet the consistent messages still show up in the places where people are working, researching, networking or purchasing.

Upload regular, ongoing messages on the same platform every week if possible to gain organic traffic.


Use Irresistible Blog Titles


Titles play a huge role in whether or not your audience is going to read an article. It’s true, you learned not to “judge a book by its cover,” but if an article doesn’t offer a subject of interest or value readers are simply not going to take the time to click a link and learn more.

Social media is again the perfect example of where readers find irresistible titles they want to explore. It’s clear, some time and effort went into those engaging titles.

You have the opportunity to create interesting and irresistible titles at little to no cost to attract organic traffic for your site.


Play By The Rules


There are many Internet rules for uploading and presenting regular content. In a sea of online content, one might not think anyone is really watching or cares. Google has its methods, primarily automated, but if you play by the rules it is likely to increase your organic traffic in some respects.

Google’s rules include ethics, reputable links, proper anchor text (a clickable text link within your article), high-quality content, and zero plagiarism. If you can stay out of trouble, it won’t have a negative impact on your plan for increased organic traffic.


Love WordPress Yoast SEO


If you are using WordPress as your professional blog platform, you likely have the option of installing an SEO plugin to guide you in the maze of content optimization.

The most amazing and free plugin is called Yoast SEO, if you have the time to learn it.

Little by little, you make improvements to your content and the plugin is able to grade your success along the way.

The Yoast SEO plugin adds a new SEO tab on your WordPress dashboard that gives you some amazing search engine optimization requirements to help gain increased organic traffic.

There are excellent online tutorials and guides to help you get started and take full advantage of the tool.

If you are wondering what “Yoast” means, it refers to the search optimization firm in Wijchen, Netherlands, that develops and supports the product.

Bloggers love WordPress Yoast SEO for increasing website traffic.


Driving Organic Traffic


Now, you can see that your organic traffic doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming.

Organic traffic is in your own hands and the process can be a rich learning experience.

You can manage your site statistics and increase your visitors without hiring a pricey marketing company or paying for extensive ad campaigns that may not be effective.

When you begin investing large sums of money, this is when it becomes overwhelming—spending money on advertising when you probably have goods and services that sell themselves.

Now may be the best time to beat your competition with a low-cost SEO strategy for success.

Take a natural, organic approach to drive relevant traffic to your site.