Check Your Website’s Influence Through Rank Checker

If you own a blog or a business which you promote through a blog regarding your products, services, etc., then it is very important that your website or blog has a very good ranking on the search engines.

To begin with, you will have to check where your website stands.

Tools with Rank Checker help to find out the present ranking of your website and also to check the impact of any new SEO strategy that you have tested on your website.

We shall look more into the basics of SEO ranking and its importance in this article.

What is the Ranking of Websites?

Website Ranking is the process by which the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc rank the websites listed on them on the basis of their keywords, which can be checked using tools like a rank checker.

Let us look into this process in a little detail with a simple example.

Let us suppose you own a garments shop.

You seek to increase your sales and customer reach by starting a blog regarding the fashion industry.

You may post very good quality content regarding the latest trends, do it yourself stuff, etc on your blog.

In spite of all these efforts, your blog will not be seen in the first, second, third or even fourth page of Google search result.

Most of us don’t even bother to turn to Google’s second search page when looking for something.

So, it is quite evident that only those sites that show up on the first result page of Google or any other search engine will see higher rates of visit-to-customer conversion rates when it comes to commercial blogs or websites.

What makes some websites come on the first page and not the others?

For this, there is a concept called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This means that the owner of a blog or a website is making his/her website search engine friendly so that Google lists it on the top of its search results, considering criteria like the number of backlinks, keywords, number of visits, etc.

Using these criteria, the Search engine ranks the websites based on their keywords.

This is also how your website/blog gets ranked.

Coming back to our example, let us suppose that there is a competitor who has almost the same products and services as you.

You may sometimes wish to check your competitor’s ranking on the search engine so that you may formulate social media marketing strategies based on their ranking.

This is exactly where rank checker works.

This helps to formulate better marketing strategies and also to draw revenue from the advertisements.

How Do Rank Checkers Work?

Rank Checkers use almost the same strategies as the search engines to estimate the ranking of the websites to show them on an estimate as to where they might turn out in online searches.

This gives effective feedback on the website and its content to the owner to provide a clear picture of the ranking.

Importance of Rank Checkers

Here are a few reasons why Rank Checkers are important in formulating an SEO strategy.

1) Know Where You Stand

A Rank Checker helps you to find out where exactly your website stands in the Google search engine, giving you an opportunity to decide on your SEO strategies.

2) Know About Your Competitors

You can also check your competitors’ ranking online and compare them with yours. Then, you can be in a better position to analyse the status of your business and aim to improve it.

3) Increase in Online Presence

Rank Checkers will help you to increase the online presence of your business through better SEO and content strategies. It all begins by checking the ranking of your website.

What are the data provided by a rank checker?

A typical rank checker usually provides the following data:

1) Competitors

Once you sign up for a rank checking service, the website usually shows who are your competitors. For example, let us assume that you are checking the ranking of Adidas website. The rank checking website often shows a list of competing websites like Nike, Bata and other related companies.

2) Traffic of both your website and that of your competitors

Once you get to know who your competitors are, you will also get an estimate of their website’s traffic and other such information so that you know how many people on an average visit the websites.

3) The Positive Aspects of Their Blog

Most good rank checkers offer to tell you where they are performing better than you in digital marketing and SEO so that you get some insights on how to improve your website.

4) What You Should Focus On?

A good rank checking service often compares the given site with other similar websites and tell what exactly you are missing out on your website. These suggestions are in fact very valuable when it comes to improving the ranking.

5) Reveal Your Competitor’s Keywords

It is needless to say that keywords are the essence of Search Engine Optimization. If your competitor is faring better than you online, maybe they have better keywords than others. A rank checker often looks for the high-performing keywords that are helping to get a good amount of views per day.

6) Finding and fixing technical SEO problems

SEO is, in fact, a practice with very rigid rules regarding the font, bold, etc. Many rank checkers also check for any discrepancies in this regard and then automatically fix them most of the times. These errors, however minor, might affect your websites ranking on the search engine.

Does My Business Require A Rank Checker?

It is good to have a rank checking service available to improvise on your SEO rankings. If your firm’s marketing is chiefly dependent on social media marketing and online marketing, it is probably a good practice to check website ranking and then improvise on it.

Whether your business requires rank checker or not actually depends on your intention and the goal that you fix for your website.

So, these were a few things that you had to focus on while using rank checker, so as to improve your website’s ranking and to see your website on the first Google search page.

These techniques will surely improve your website ranking.