In modern business, one of the most important elements in how you market yourself isn’t so much what you market, but how you market it. Many companies go down the route of trying to market to everyone with a singular message and then wonder why they get such a low response rate. In the simplest terms, universal marketing – especially on social media – is not really possible.

When you get the chance to speak to a small child, you often notice a great disparity between what they like and talk about versus what you liked and talked about at their same age. If you speak to an older child, you may see some commonalities between them and a younger child. Both ages may love video games – and similar kinds of video games – but the way you communicate with each of them varies greatly. You would not make the same recommendations to both of them, or they would probably both reject you.

Recognizing Audience’ Social Media Differences

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging tasks in running a marketing program is being able to recognize audience differences. It happens a lot with businesses that are trying to reach the lucrative millennial market; they wind up sounding like the ‘cool’ (not cool) uncle or parent trying way too hard to fit in.

In order to avoid this kind of problem, see some key pointers here in this article to help you connect with social media millennial audiences. At the same time, it is extremely important if your business has a product that suits a more mature audience that you tailor the language and message toward them. Formality matters depending on the generation you wish to reach. As a mature business owner (or even a young business owner), just how do you reach a younger audience without embarrassing yourself?

Mixing Video with Social Media

Now, marketers across the world, recognize they have a better chance of reaching millennials via video than media. This does not mean you should repurpose your content marketing strategy. But, it does mean you should infuse your content marketing strategy with good media. In fact, according to Magisto, around 85% of millennials are using video in some kind of marketing strategy.

If you are an entrepreneur that wants to fit in with a millennial audience, it might be a good time to rethink your strategy. A video is great for visualizing what you want to say without generalizing. Most young people cannot be bothered with a long read. Of course, the best way to meet the demands of multiple audiences is to include both video and written content. Introduce yourself with video, and then capture their attention and create interest with creative content.

Mixing video with media is so important, as it sells ideas in a simple, visual manner while also giving your audience proof that your brand does what the article says it does. People don’t want to just read about it; they want to see success stories and ideologies put into action.

Avoid Facebook in Your Social Media Campaign

This might sound mad, but for your millennial audience, you may need to leave Facebook – and even Twitter to some extent – behind. Most millennials see Facebook as populated with moms, dads, uncles, aunties, grandpas, and grandmas. They go online to Facebook to laugh at their older siblings’ comical faux pas; not to read about things they could buy or subscribe to.

Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are far more media focused than Facebook or Twitter. Hence, their audiences are generallly much younger. This means, if you want to get in on the ground floor of marketing success toward millennials, you should concentrate your marketing campaign on Instagram and Snapchat.

Again, media wins the day! To most millennials, a smartly filtered and contextual image is a much more powerful tool to help sell a new product or service than a promoted Facebook post. When your ad is mixed in with the opinions and daily utterings of everyone they love (and hate), it can be hard for them to even spot your post.

While many millennials do use Facebook, they don’t often use it to educate themselves or find new products and services. For this audience, you may find Instagram and Snapchat suitable for long-term success.

Pay for Traffic 

Pay for traffic. What, you ask? Social media is so vast that you should pay for traffic models in order to get into the minds of millennials. While you might like the idea of social media for ‘free’ marketing, it’s not free if you need to spend half of your day engaging with people and spam-posting just to try and gain relevancy. Instead, pay for the service and make sure you get a rocket-boost to making the most of your social media to millennials.

Invest in paid-for website traffic using a small social media advertising budget. In this way, you target millennials. This option is more likely to bring you success than joining popular discussions and hashtags with less-than-witty comments.

Invest more money into paid traffic on the media platforms mentioned to more directly approach a millennial audience. Rather than spend excessive hours, spend a few dollars and reach more people in less time. This is also more lucrative than responding to viewer queries.

Get the Millenial Social Media Edge

In general, millennial marketing has a specific edge to it. The friendlier tone you can put forth, the better. The more informal and  media-driven, the better. People of the next generation don’t want meek and mild; they want you to go for it, so indulge them.

To capture millennials, use more video. Avoid Facebook and Twitter as your primary marketing platforms. Be willing to commit a small but scalable monthly marketing budget to help facilitate your growth and success. It’s not impossible; it just takes a bit more time and effort. Avoid trying to hard to sound like a millennial (unless you are one). If you want to sound like a millennial in order to reach one, hire one to manage your SMM campaign.

Be direct, use the power of video media to grab their attention, and don’t patronize. These are simple and fundamental factors to support any kind of social media marketing for millennials.

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