SEO plays a vital role to double your traffic and improve brand awareness, especially in the case of on-page optimization in SEO.  Right now, numbers of people are looking for content like you. You can support them find it by becoming an SEO expert.

It is estimated that 80% of the traffic begins with the search query. Increase traffic with the help of the keywords is a half-cooked story. User friendliness becomes an important factor for the optimization of your website. Staying on the top ranking needs deep research and optimization. As  Google’s algorithm is frequently changed, so it is very important to keep yourself updated with the latest news.

Only in the US, 78% people use the internet for the research purpose before purchase it. You will get more visibility, once your website gets ranked on the first page of the google. It simply means, more the traffic, more conversion rate and increased profit rate as well. It is highly appreciable if you got rank on the first page of the Google because most of the people don’t look at the second page.

In this article, we are going to discuss  top advanced On-Page SEO techniques one by one which is highly helpful to improve traffic:

SEO Audit

SEO Techniques To Boost Your Search Traffic

If you are not getting enough traffics and sales on your website, On-page SEO Audit helps you to discover the reason. Nowadays, various SEO companies are offering this service, but you can save money by doing it by yourself. SEO Audit simply means that you are closely  observing the overall performance of the website,  set new goals based on your results and applying strategies to grasp those goals.You must aware about the following terms during SEO audit:

  • Website pages must have meta titles and descriptions
  • Optimization on every page for SEO Keywords
  • URL structure optimization for search engines
  • Proper formatting of postingblogs and articles

No one is perfect. Make it sure that, when you will do full website auditing, less errors and little suggestion for improvement should be found.

Target user requirement

Google is a big data company, not an advertising company. They have only one purpose, every tool, platform and device they are using to fetch the user data to build a big search engine. It is necessary to follow the feedback given by your target audience.  Opinions of users matter a lot. You can get feedback of  your customers from the following platforms:

  •  Use  Quora fo the social media platform
  • Analysis most popular pages using Google Analytics
  • Find out which types of the posts are liked by the users.
  • Never ignore your visitors’ comments on the blog post.

Your search traffic will improve melodramatically when you answer real user questions with your content.

Create landing pages with SEO Optimized

SEO Techniques To Boost Your Search Traffic

A well designed and fully formatted landing page is really helpful to boost traffic on your website. Try to use long-tailed keywords throughout the landing page. On-Page SEO checker tool should be used to check the ranking of your website.

Design should be attractive, If your content is beneficial, but the design is outdated, the visitor will never visit your website again. Finally, build links from your existing content to your new landing page. Links are the huge ranking factor for the google, without the quality link, your page will not get a high rank for the searches.

Mobile-Friendly Website

It is important that your website should look attractive and should be mobile-friendly. Responsive website attracts more traffic as people use the mobile device more as compared to the laptops. If your website is non-responsive then first of all make your website responsive,so that traffic to your website increases and it performs in a better way.

Use advanced SEO internal deep linking

Deep linking is the process of using anchor text to link other pages to your blogs. Most people emphasis on receiving search visitors to their site, but fight to rank their internal pages. Once you start interlinking pages instead of the homepage, you’ll progress the SEO value for those linked internal pages and increase their rankings for research, with the help of tough keywords as well.

In the nutshell, we can say that there is a lot more in store for more advanced SEO techniques which can be used to improve traffic. Although, it is tough to implement these advanced  seo techniques for On-Page SEO optimization. Thus, these techniques require more efforts than basic keyword search and link-building. By using these approaches, you will definitely get double traffic on your website.