Outreach: Reaching out to bloggers or any third party that has to reach to your target audience.

Digital presence is very important in today’s tech-savvy world. But does being present online suffice all your needs? Being digitally present is the first step in the digital world and your website is your face here. To make most of the digital and the tech-savvy generation you got to be found as well. Yes, here I am talking about SEO – Search Engine Optimization and proven SEO techniques. The main motive of being digitally present is to be found by the Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. The logic is simple, more traffic more revenue.


In this online world, the competition is cutthroat and Google itself is filled with tons of articles on the best SEO techniques and practices.

If you have landed to this article you are also looking for some new innovative technique which the rest of the world is may not be aware of or not doing right now. We all understand being different is the key to stand out amongst the crowd.

So, what is that we can do differently and not fall into the content category but just stick to the SEO techniques?

During my research about the most effective techniques, I found out that some of them were an all-time favorite of the search engines. But yes there are some very unique and creative techniques that aren’t talked about most of the time.

The main objective of this article is to provide you an insight of the techniques that are working when it comes to search engine optimization. I have provided links to some amazing resources and guides to help you with in-depth information on a particular strategy.

1. In-Depth Topic Coverage

SEO techniques

We know that SEO is a high value-add marketing practice- which makes it quite an important component of digital marketing. If you are not doing SEO until now that doesn’t mean you are failing but yes, SEO is evolving and with evolution change is certain.

Keyword research is the something that is like the first chapter in the SEO world. But as I said SEO is evolving so is Keyword research. Now the keyword research is evolving as per the search engine knowledge graph. This helps the search engines to understand the intent of the searches no matter how the words have been placed.

The traditional method of finding keywords was as per the search volumes and competition and then building a page targeting these keywords. Once the page is ready, writing articles using these keywords throughout to show the search engines that the page is about the keyword only is not necessary anymore.

SEO revolves around a topic and not a Keyword. Rather than stuffing keywords in your article, try and incorporate the primary topics they cover.

Keywords can be used as a guide on which direction you should take your writing, once you have done that, you will see yourself ranking for a lot of long tail keywords.

2. Content Experiments and Personalization

SEO techniques

User experience contributes a lot in SEO ranking factor once the content has reached the first page of the Search engine. You can experiment with content and find out with the help of search engine analytics what works best using a multivariate landing page test.

Once you have an idea of which type of content leads to conversion you can further experiment the effects of personalized messaging on different groups of people.

Personalization is a buzz in the marketing world. And it makes complete sense as it dynamically changes your marketing message to connect with your audience individually.

3. Linkable Asset Development and Promotion

A good content is no doubt an asset, as it attracts backlinks from other websites. As mentioned earlier content is the king so creating linkable content is an effective way to improve your SEO by acquiring backlinks.

SEO techniques

This is a simple art of creating unique, interesting, and useful content for your target audience and circulating it for promotion.

Promotion no doubt needs a strategy and there are two specific strategies for content promotion:

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Ours is a mobile-first world and we are from a generation that needs everything quickly. That’s it is important to have mobile optimized pages that can be loaded quickly on the mobile phones.

SEO techniques

There are a lot of reasons why more and more website owners are adopting AMP. But, as a marketer the two major reasons are:

  • AMP enhances the user experience that leads to an improved on-site metrics e.g. bounce rate.
  • Search engines love the sites that load faster and they tend to rank higher.
Final Thoughts

This is an industry that is fast paced and forever changing. The methods that worked some years ago may dent your business today. To make sure that you stay on top of everything it is important that you keep yourself updated. You should keep reading and learning new SEO techniques and testing the new approaches from time to time.