If you speak to the wrong marketer, you might hear that email marketing is dead and gone – that it’s had its time. That is just not the case! Legacy e-mail marketing is still going strong, and it shows no signs of slowing down. An e-mail statistics report carried out by the Radicati Group showed that in 2017 alone 269 billion e-mails per day were sent, with around 3.7 billion users responsible. The report also shows these figures are expected to rise far beyond the 300 billion mark by 2021.

The idea that email marketing is a thing of the past is simply not true. There’s more competition in marketing campaigns today, and people are far more cautious about the emails they open. Open and conversion rates on e-mails have changed given these factors, but the opportunities are greater than ever, and it’s practically free! Email marketing can be a bit more of a challenge today, but the media options are abundant.

When email marketing is done right, it is one of the most powerful methods to share your brand and get the word out. Not only that, there are numerous effective ways to capture audiences. In a bid to help you make the right call, below here are some useful tips for utilizing the power of e-mail marketing in the best ways possible. Keep in mind, email marketing opportunities must be proper and genuine if you want them to succeed.

Make It Clear

The major mistake many marketers make is a failure to be clear about their e-mail campaign. It must state what readers can expect to achieve. People who subscribe to a campaign want to know what kind of information they will receive on their journey if they stick around.

Whether you plan to send them unique content, top promotions, or great deals, make it know. If you plan to include weekly tips, videos, and other media, it must be made clear. Without clarity about your e-mail marketing campaign, people are far less likely to open your content and take an interest.

Make sure there is a clear agreement that explains your service and what to expect so people want to sign-up. Create a bulleted list that shows what kind of information will be sent out via their subscription. Entice your audience to sign up and want to be a part of your revolution.

If you are serious about making your e-mail marketing campaigns succeed, it is so important that you give a clear understanding of what awaits those who engage with you.

Make it Simple

Another vital part of a good e-mail campaign is that it’s simple. Find people who are 100% committed and make it easy for them to join your club. Offer them something they can’t get anywhere else, and make it simple to get there.

Whether you post the sign-up page on social media, on your website, or as part of a guest blog post, make it easy to join. There is great value in giving people access to the campaign after they simply provide name and an e-mail address. Internet users today are used to signing up for everything, so it’s something they are used to.

You may be able to get a phone number or some added credentials, but don’t lose a potential customer by asking for too much. Start with a name and email address. In a follow-up e-mail campaign, you can request the extra details you neeed for more selling success. Whatever you decide, when you make it simple you create a web experience people want more of.

Create Cohesive Points

Be aware, some marketers view an e-mail subscription service as a good opportunity to get on a soapbox. Early email campaigns often included lengthy reads overloaded with information. Today’s audience is different, given volume of online business and constant multitasking that takes place. Keep you raders in mind when you compile an email marketing campaign. Consider that many of your readers are reading e-mails on a short break, while in public transit, or when lying in bed at night. Create cohesive points to retain interest and get your point across in brief.

In other words, “make it snappy.” Ensure that every point you wish to make can be scanned and understood. Use simple formatting techniques like bullet points and bolded headers to make your key points stand out. Make sure your content is more beyond interesting; it must be easy to read through quickly.

For your audience that might be in the mood for a long read, include a link to a full blog post that explains your ideas in full. Don’t expect everyone to want to read your full essay; make your e-mail snappy and easy – 200-300 words max. Add links to other products or valuable content that help build on the ideas you introduced.

Listen To Your Readership

When your are crafting your first e-mail subscription campaign, do not make the critical mistake of presenting an over-healthy ego. This distracts your readers and it’s something you must avoid. Once you lose the appeal by your readership, they may not come back. While your message should be clear and portrays you as an authority on your subject, the success of good e-mail marketing campaigns is to listen to reader feedback. Make listening a priority over knowing.

Create separate lists of what your readers love to receive from you. For example, some readers want value from educational media. Others want deals and money saving options. Give them options, let them choose, and respond accordingly with an easy sign-up.

When you send information your readers actually asked for, it is far more powerful than a generic email marketing campaign that does nothing more than promote money making options for yourself. Email marketing campaigns give you the options to be personal and relevant. Build your campaigns around what people ask for.

Email Marketing is Alive

Keeping these simple tips for utilzing the power of email marketing in mind. Each concept is critical in making sure your e-mail marketing is more effective than ever, maximizing financial returns in the process. Email marketing is alive and well, and ready for your to push the envelope. For more great email marketing ideas, check out: How to Get Responses to Your Outbound Prospecting Emails.