Fresh content is the new approach to social media campaigns. In recent years, you have likely seen the massive change in the way people market online. You have witnessed major changes in how marketing works. Consider the brutal and unscrupulous online marketing tactics in the early 2000s.

You see more simplistic and effective methodologies used today. At one time, it was easy although not ethical to borrow content from another source. Spinning content, or reproducing it from its original word for word state, was commonplace. You could spam keywords into certain hidden areas on the website and watch you page rankings skyrocket.

New Direction in Marketing

Thankfully, the days of legacy marketing techniques and plagiarism are primarily phased out. Online marketing is far more regulated. Some might complain that ‘the little guy’ can no longer shoot to the top of search rankings. However, new methods actually result in more positive outcomes.


Because now people need to work harder to innovate and offer value to their readership. If you want something in life, you need to work for it. Old-school marketing campaigns used over an over are not always successful. The onus is on a business to buck up and create fresh ideas.

Creating Fresh Content for Social Media

The growth of social media has played a major role in the changing face of marketing. How so? Audiences are VERY quick to notice social media content. It has a fault in its ability for people to steal ideas from each other, so it takes finesse to use it properly.

However, there’s a difference between similar online ideas. When presented with a personal perspective, social media can be curated in new ways versus regurgitating the same old ideas. Your entire marketing campaigns must be built around more than selling products and services. Today, you need to offer value in fresh, original content.

How To Be Successful On Social Media?

If you have to be successful on social media, new innovations and unique viewpoints of your own are essential. Why fresh content for your readership? Even though Google was very clear that there is NO Google penalty for duplicate content – despite this claim – you still need to create original content. While you can have the same product description for 4-5 variations of the same item, it does not mean you can take content or ideas from other websites.

The fact is, Google finds stolen content and has every right to stop certain pages from ranking if the content is similar to other online content. The aim of content is to provide value and relevance for readers, and duplicate words are not the way to do it.

The Benefits of Fresh Content

Now you have an idea about the importance of creating unique content. You want to avoid being removed from search engines. But you also need to consider a fresh social media approach. There are many benefits to fresh social media content.


You need to actually provide value. Social media campaigns help promote your business and generate more sales. The worst way to offer value is to copy what other people are saying. You need to add credibility to your business, and that requires your own perspective

Content With Authority.

Content with authority helps you stand out a little more; it means you create a much-needed authority that many business owners lack in their voice. If you want to sell your expertise to someone, it’s easier to do so when you are writing fresh content with authority. You want to come across as more than just another person offering the same old advice.


Content allows you to put your own perspective on an issue. For example, your latest blog post might be about your businesses’ take on an industry event that recently took place. This type of blog post is often seen as a good piece of content, and it allows you to show your audience that your business has opinions. You are able to stand out from bland, generic competitors in the same arena. Your perspective goes a long way.

Press Release Angle.

An official press release from a business in your industry is extremely effective. Create a piece of content around that press release. Create a link to another’s press release, but then discuss your take on it. Not only have you provided value by notifying people about the press release, but also you have chosen another angle to improve your readership.

These small content benefits make a big difference in your business. Social media campaigns require fresh ideas that are visible to as many people as possible. If you simply link to another person’s copy or you illegally copy what is already posted, what is the consumer incentive to check you out? Offer a different take; it might be the one that gets your business noticed.

Power In Fresh Content

Always keep in mind that fresh content is powerful. It allows you to add your own company position and opinion to a topic people are debating. People want to hear differing views about popular news. It is much easier to make that possible if you simply invest some time and effort into content creation.

Fresh, interesting content that breaks away from the mold is the content that will make you stand apart from your competitors. Create pieces that do more than create controversy. Instead, use your social media marketing skills to give people new insights and information. Create content that is hard to come by and hasn’t already saturated the Internet.

Content Marketing Campaign

When done right, your content marketing campaign can make a telling difference to your business. Social media marketing has amazing visibility. It offers a great way to get noticed when you break away from the conventional commonly shared stock opinions.

If you want to take advantage of the power of fresh content, make social media marketing the tool to do so. Never “reinvent the wheel.” Always give new perspectives using content with authority. For more ideas about the value of fresh social media content, check this link: How Enterprises Are Adopting Social Selling.