Social media marketing automation is a task entrepreneurs find extremely valuable, although not many know where to begin. A personal human touch is still required, but a regular marketing cycle proves to reach audiences in a way that a manual campaign does not. Companies rely more on bots today than human interaction to get the job done efficiently and twice as fast. Consider Google and Android, for example. Automation is their key for mission-critical tasks on a massive scale and it minimizes the need for increased staff and expense.

When you use bots to automate your business marketing, you unlock your true potential. You engage your target audience with innovative services and provide even better development support. Automation frees up valuable time spent on redundant manual processes and helps you focus attention on growing your business. Social media marketing is good for your company. It’s a worthy investment.

What Can Social Media Marketing Automation Do for You

It’s no secret, if you want your company to be both competitive and successful, social media marketing is a big part of a proven strategy. You want to reach your target audience and engage customers. To make the most of your social media campaign requires you to automate some of your processes. This is especially true for solopreneurs and small businesses with a limited number of employees that must optimize time and resources. Small businesses fine marketing automation the key to social media marketing power.

Today, single social media channels may not suffice. Marketing automation takes center stage. By efficiently running several social media accounts, you drive tons of free traffic and generate leads. You free up time to work on client projects, create eBooks, develop online courses, create videos, and offer free media to your subscribers. Marketing automation and the aid of bots for social media posting allows you to get creative and productive. You focus on creativity and leave the technical challenges to machines. It’s a win-win situation.

According to a CMO by Adobe article, 15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Marketing Automation, “91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is very important to the overall success of their marketing across channels.”

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Automation

Let’s look at some of the tangible benefits of social media marketing automation in detail:

  • Automate Time-ConsumingTasks. Without social media marketing automation, you spend a great deal of your day replying to e-mails, messages, tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts—tweeting and retweeting, pinning and unpinning, and updating pages for hours on end. Automation gives back time to reallocate to other tasks without a sacrifice in your social media presence.
  • Optimize Social Media Marketing. Bots include an inherent intuition. They pick up on patterns and analyze user preferences and browsing behaviors. This allows them to fine-tune posts, replies, tweets, and messages to better suit the searches of target consumer groups. This is beyond the analytical powers of any human.
  • Better Timing and Efficient Results. By the time most consumers learn about a news update, it’s often been viral for at least a day. One day can be a serious delay for reply tweets and posts. You program automation bots to post and tweet at the time your audience is the most active. This is extremely valuable given the global reach of social media along with time zone variations.
  • Valuable Insight Into Data. Automation goes beyond the delegation of tasks. Bots offer valuable insight into data and statistics that would otherwise be difficult to capture. Analytics is an integral part of all social media activity, allowing you to better tailor your social media marketing campaigns and target the best demographics.
  • Forecast for Customer Growth. When your audience grows, it becomes critical to maintain an adequate level of engagement with your followers. You must continue to find potential prospects and convert them into leads and customers. Regular posts attract leads, but you must be able to manage the load and scale social media results. Social media automation makes this possible.

How Automation Helps

Ultimately, social media marketing automation offers many benefits, but how can they help. Automation allows you to schedule quality content at the right time both for you and your audience. You monitor activity, interact with leads, and engage your fans. Social media automation enhances your interactions—a fact many solopreneurs overlook because they consider machines to be impersonal. You can actually program a bot with great precision to the point in which your audience won’t know the difference between automation and real human interaction.

Social Media Automation – How To Do It Right

When you automate your social media marketing, you begin to focus on networking with clients in order to build relationships. This allows you to spend more time on tasks that require your attention and creative input in order to develop and grow your business and your website. In this way, you tap into the vast opportunities social media offers. Automation allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to see great results at a lower cost.

Naturally, there are pitfalls to avoid with social automation. Pace your goal of automation until you understand the process and learn how to carefully manage the marketing delegation to bots. When you understand social media marketing in general, you develop an edge that prepares you for success in social media marketing automation. Your marketing strategy has nowhere to go but up. Check out other marketing collateral online and take your business to the top. See The Key To Reaching Millennial Audiences on Social Media.