Blogs have emerged as the hot topic of the day among top marketers and business people. If you own a company and/or business establishment, then you need a blog to further enlarge and grow the scope of your establishment’s customer base. Here are the top three reasons why you need a blog.

1. A Blog is Search Engine Friendly

Blogs are a favorite content type among search engines. The reason is, they contain highly unique content. Different platforms such as Blogger and WordPress are both optimized for search engines. This means network marketers do not have to work that hard to get their blog to appear on high ranking pages. Placeholders for keywords and tags are pre-made; thus, allowing owners to simply input their preferred phrases and allow the search engine to do all the work. When linked to a website, blogs can also help increase the amount of traffic to their official domain. This is especially true since blogs typically attract visitors faster than average websites.

2. A Blog is Free Advertisement

Blogs are 100% free, thus allowing marketers to utilize them for marketing purposes without spending a dime. The only investment needed is patience and time, since blogs need constant attention and regular updates. Of course, some blogging platforms may require subscriptions so users can utilize full features of the service. However, even the most basic blogging platforms already contain everything bloggers need to make their site stand out. Hence, paying for this marketing strategy is unnecessary. What’s even better, is that blogs also allow the upload of different media ranging from pictures, documents, music, and video. This ensures the network/internet marketer is able to share practically anything with their prospects. Different applications or widgets are also available, providing extensive customization opportunities.

3. A Blog is the Perfect Way to Communicate With Clients

The chronological order in which we publish blogs makes them the perfect tool for communicating with clients or prospective clients. Marketers are able to post new updates about their company, inform others of new products, or simply post interesting information that is indirectly related to what they are promoting. Unlike websites, blogs are more open to comments from readers, allowing marketers to get feedback from their target market as well as answer any questions or problems thrown their way. This open communication significantly helps network marketers and startups when it comes to building a reputation. It helps to establish their brand.

You Need A Blog

Ultimately, blogs make it possible for you as a marketer to gain new prospects and retain the ones you already have. Blogs also carry tracking programs that provide marketers with relevant information about visitors. For example: 1) the number of people subscribed to the blog, 2) what posts have gathered lots of responses, and 3) how new visitors are locating the site.

There are actually many more reasons why you need a blog. These top three reasons are the top concerns of every marketer. Keep in mind, the existence of a blog is not always enough. Marketers must also make sure the blog is updated with fresh, quality information visitors consider important. For more great advice on the value of an engaging blog, visit others’ blogs and see what they have to say. Take a look at this article and start your blog today: The Beginner’s Guide On How To Write A Blog Post