Content optimization is a process that deals with making your content more attractive readable to the audience or users. Content marketing has already had to solidify itself in the digital marketing. The method generally associates improvement on the technical performance of such as page speed with unique text for its better taking on search engines. In the ranking of a website, a unique and quality content plays a significant role.

Here we are with top 5 On Page Seo Checker Tools that will help you to make your content attractive and will improve the visibility of your website on the internet.


Grammar Checker

Grammarly is an English language writing enhancing tool which was launched in 2009. It is considered as the most accurate grammar checker tool available in the market. It goes beyond default grammar checking and provides clean and professional content for your website.

It an application extension that checks spelling and grammar, one can use it in world, outlook, chrome and more.



It is another grammar checker which checks your content for the readability its function is quite different from Grammarly it checks the structure of the content. It helps you to make the content which readers follow and enjoy.
It makes sure the sentences used in the content must not be too long and complex. It is really easy to use; you just have to copy and paste your content on its window and leave the rest on it. It is easy to use application that one can use on windows and mac.

Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer

It is the third on Page SEO Checker tool that checks out the whole content for spelling, grammar, and overall content structure. It is easy to use, you just have to enter headline in the window, and you will get a free detail as a result.

It is one of the excellent tools to make your headline attractive and catchy. It will give you an explored detail on the following:

a) A headline score up to 100
b) Analysis of words used
c) A length analysis
d) Tips on headline type and more
e) Yost Word Press SEO Plug-in

After proofreading of your content, you need to check that for SEO, if you are using word press for your blogs, Yoast is the best option to choose.

Recommended Tips:

  • Pay special attention to your title
  • Put key-word as alt-text for your image
  • Add outbound link and more
  • Broken Link Checker

With this tool, you do need to check your links manually, before publishing your article it is crucial to check it for the broken link. This tool is the best tool, to do this for you.

Final words: The above-given tools are the best content optimizing tools that are helpful to make your content readable and attractive so that your website can become visible on the internet. Ensure top ranking of your blogs and websites by using these incredible tools.