Like bread and butter, dogs and bones, Hansel and Gretel, links and ranking are simply inseparable. This is not an English language axiom, but it is an SEO axiom that has helped numerous website owners to get the desired rankings.

There is no denying that getting traffic to a site and that too qualified traffic is one of the most important tasks of an SEO practitioner.

Since the days of Web 1.0, there are many tactics that give the business 10-second fame, and then outweigh them due to the frequently changing algorithms.

However, one technique that will always work for a high SERP and traffic is SEO Link Building.

After studying over 1 million SERP’s, a study found that a number of total referring domains linking to a page relate to rankings more than any other factor.


Trending Link Building
  • 72% of the SEO experts take backlinks as a significant ranking factor.
  • 24% of them believe that backlinks are important along with other ranking factors as well.

So, backlinks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you want to improve your SERP’s organically and get high traffic, here is a list of latest link building strategies that you can implement on your site.

1) Follow Skyscraper Technique

Create A Content That Is Better and Longer Than That Of Your Competitor.

This technique is about writing content on your site that is unique, high quality, and is longer than the one your competitor has written. But how do you write content with a skyscraper technique-

  • Start with choosing the keywords that you want to rank for.
  • Put the keywords in the search engine’s search bar and see who is ranking highest on them. Or you can use the tools like BuzzSumo and find the most shared articles.
  • Once you find your strongest competitors, take a look at their best content, make it better and post it to your own
  • Now, use the ‘Ahrefs’ tool and find out who is linking to your competitor. Reach out to the webmaster and pitch them your article.

This link building strategy will let you rank your target keywords and will also point your website in the top SERP’s.

2) Reclaim Your Links Using Google Alerts

If you are looking to generate high-quality backlinks for your business, start using Google Alerts. It is popular yet a little-known strategy for building backlinks.

Google Alerts lets you keep track of your business mentions across the website. Here is how you can do it for your enterprise-

  • Set Up Google Alerts For Your Targeted Keywords

For instance- your target keyword is “free social media tools.”

Add it to your search query, fill in other specifications, and then create an alert

Trending Link Building
  • Reclaim The Links From Brand Mentions

Now, every time your website is mentioned on the web, you will receive a Google Alert. Check the source and ensure that the site is linking to you.

If they are not providing the link, reach out to their webmaster and reclaim the same.

3) Use Local Business Citations

According to a study, 50% of the mobile visitors who run a local search for a business visit their store within 24 hours.

Local Business Citation is one of the effective SEO link building strategies if you want to improve your ranks in local search results. The citation links help you in the local rankings and also help the search engine to verify your business. Once you start obtaining links from Bing Place For Business, Yahoo Small Business, and Google My Business, you can build your trust, while improving your rankings.

But while creating a local business citation, make sure you add your correct name, address, and phone number to it.

4) Use The “Ranking For Links” Technique For Qualified Traffic

According to research published at Worldometers, there are millions of blog posts published every day. Whenever you go through these blogs posts, you might notice that there are certain referenced pieces of data from other sources. But how can you find these sources?

Google them!

Here is the strategy that you can follow-

  • Make a list of keywords that are likely to be cited.
  • Add the keywords into the Ahref’s keyword explorer and then look for the terms with low KD score and a high search volume.
  • Now create a piece of blog content around those keywords.

When you create a informative blog content around these keywords, the writers will automatically start referencing to your posts.

As your posts are used as a source, you will get plenty of backlinks that too from different domains.

5) Use

Using as it is one of the most trending link building strategies of 2018 and will work in the future as well.

To get traffic from, sign up for a free account and create the content in the list view. People love to view lists like- tips in the form of a list, a list of songs or a list of life hacks, and more. Add relevant source links and push your content as rank-20 is required to index your list.

Once your list is indexed, you can add relevant, high-quality backlinks, build them and garner the traffic you require.

6) The Year Jacking Technique

A reader will always prefer to read a content that is latest and updated.

Whenever you post on your website, add the current year to your title. For instance- if a user is browsing for “link building strategies.” He is more likely to click on “Link Building Strategies (2018)” rather than “Link Building Strategies (2017)”

Apart from adding the year, add a call to action and persuasive keywords like discover, latest, top, trending, expensive unbelievable, top 5, and more.

The Bottom Line

So, whether you want traffic on your site or just build high-quality links, Link Building is crucial to every SEO campaign.

Moreover, these days, it is rare for users to search past page two or three of a Google Search. So, the best approach is to use trending SEO link building strategies and get qualified traffic.

Although the process is a continuous one, the results are definitely working for.

At last, make sure that you monitor your backlinks frequently so that you don’t miss out on organic traffic.