Keyword analysis is an integral step in keyword research. It is essential before beginning any SEO or PPC campaign. By knowing all the queries that the visitors type into the search engines, search marketers can tailor their content accordingly to drive more traffic and boost conversion rates.

What is Keyword Analysis in SEO?

Keyword analysis is a SWOT-analysis that offers insights into the competition, volume, and expected outcome of keywords for both SEO and search engine advertising. It means that thisprocess analyzes the keywords that bring visitors to your website via paid or organic search.

It allows SEO experts to:

-Hunt relevant synonyms

-Identify the volume of the search keyword

-Calculate cost-per-action and cost-per-click

-Watch out the existing performance of phrases or keywords

-Explore negative keywords

Benefits of Keyword Analysis:

Keyword analysis is vital in grabbing and maintaining the attention of the audience. Analyzing important keywords allow the PPC and SEO professionals to:

-Search New Markets: As you know, long-tail keywords comprise 70 percent of the search traffic. Thus, the experts use this process to expand the long tail efforts and explore particular keyword phrases.

-Engage Audience: The first step toward generating high-quality content is to understand which keywords are driving traffic to the website. Keyword analysis helps you to find out what your audience is interested in so that you could write impressive content around it.

-Optimize Time Spent: By identifying which keywords are improving your site ranking eliminates the extra time that you would otherwise spend on those keywords that are useless.

-Boost Conversion: Determining and using relevant keywords will surely increase ROI, web traffic, and conversion.

-Keep an Eye on the Latest Trends: Keyword search frequency offer insights into the market trends and consumer behavior. You can use these details later onto different facets of your business.

-Enhance Organic Ranking: Organic search ranking is essential for long term success. After identifying the optimal keywords, the next step is to put them in the correct location to boost your organic search engine ranking. Right keyword placement in your page title, anchor text, root domain name, URL, and ALT text enhances the crawlability of your website in the search engines.

How to Do Keyword Analysis Effectively?

You can use the following online tools to do this process effectively:

-Google Insights for Search

-WordStream Keyword Analysis Tool

-Google Search Console

-Search engine results pages

-Google Keyword Finder

-Google Analytics

-Google Traffic Estimator

-Google AdWords

-Moz’s Open Site Explorer

-Microsoft’s AdCenter