Every site owner has a goal to rank its own site on the top of search engine result pages. The keywords that you pick to target will identify what traffic you receive. In SEO, Keyword volume is a vital method for researching the most important keywords for which the web page needs to be optimized. This information is used in the keyword analysis to evaluate the search engine traffic for a targeted keyword.

What is Keyword Volume?

Keyword volume or search volume is the number of the user queries that the user enters on the major search engines for a particular keyword in the specific time span.

Importance of Keyword Search Volume

Keyword search volume matters a lot because they are one of the ways that the website drives traffic and new visitors. It means that it is essential to target the keywords in the content that has real search volume. But remember that if you are targeting the keywords with the high volume, it becomes hard to compete with large websites and get the potential traffic to your site.

On the other hand, a low search volume has less competition, and you get traffic quickly. So the blend of these variations is best. Initially, a site should optimize for the keywords having high search volume. Later on, combine the different keyword volume with the low search volume that is actually a part of the long-tail trick.

So when searching for the keywords for your site, just remember that a lot of keywords with the low search volume can sum up the topic of the page in a better way. Knowing what terms to target largely depends on the company goals and situations. If you have recently opened a site, you may want to target the low volume and low completion keyword initially to get some domain authority. However, if you have a well-settled site with robust organic rankings, you may want to use competitive keywords to maintain your position.