It is necessary to perform regular SEO website audit of your website at least two times per year to make sure that your site is up to date and error free. A good SEO audit keeps your site up to date with the search engine algorithm updates and current developments in search marketing. It will alert you about any issues that may ruin your website’s online presence and also show the performance of your SEO campaigns. SEO audit makes your site better and more visible to Google, thus resulting in more traffic, leads, and conversion.

Google is frequently releasing its new updates, and an audit will offer you a clear idea of whether your website caters to the latest changes or not. You have made site beautiful and functional. But if the search engines fail to read the web pages, your hard work is a total waste. The SEO website audit checks the site against the issues and advises what to do to fix them up. It also helps to find out where your potential customers are hanging out online and how you can make them your long-term customers.

What is an SEO Audit?

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An SEO website audit is a report card for the ‘Googleability’ of your site. It is the process of evaluating the search engine friendliness of a site in the number of critical areas. Audits are ended by checking every step of the audit list and finding the problems that need to be fixed or improved to enhance the search engine performance of the web pages.

Benefits of a Full SEO Audit:

-Unveil the weaknesses of your site and fix them
-Identify what changes you need to make
-Compare yourself to competitors and use your findings to stay on the top
-Expect the future of your site
-Give an overview of the SEO efficiency of your website

If you have a small site, focusing on the statistics will be a waste of time mainly if there are other key areas to target. But if you have a medium sized website and you spot the decrease in the traffic, its best to perform the timely SEO audit to discover the root cause. An audit is a wonderful way to enhance the performance and help to rank high in the SERPs. It gives you the insights of your entire site, individual web pages, and the traffic. But you need to analyze the multiple aspects of your site and identify what is good and where you can make an improvement. Also, make sure that you perform the audit by an SEO specialist with years of experience.