Content marketing today is more than tossing a couple of ads out and hoping for a sale. Savvy content marketing usually involves a strategy. This strategy should include an online campaign rich with blogs, video, social media, and more. The goal is to generate audience interest in your products and services.

According to Forbes, “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” If you follow these useful tips for writing effective articles, your content marketing campaign will yield tremendous outcomes in no time.

One – Be Selective When Choosing Topics

The success of each of your articles depends on the topics you choose to discuss with your audience. If you cover something that is noticeably recent or extremely useful, you can be assured that your potential clients will pay attention. Just ensure that those topics you select are carefully related to the products you are offering so they will help strengthen your expert fame in the online arena.

Two – Create Killer Titles

Learn the ropes of writing attention-grabbing titles as this is the key to securing good open rate on your articles. Using as few words as possible, give your prospects compelling, valid reasons to check out the rest of your content. Tell them what’s in store for them. Also, tell them why your articles are must-examine pieces. Use words that can push emotional hot buttons or, if possible, challenge common beliefs. Piquing your prospects’ curiosities is the best way to get them to take action.

Three – Populate With Keywords

Use relevant keywords within each article you write. It is an awesome way to help your prospects easily find what you have written online. Also, keep the requirements of search engines in mind. Learn about the items search engines consider when assigning page ranking and apply those techniques when writing your articles. It may mean additional work but you can be assured it is worth it.

Four – Offer Fresh Information

A lot of people are writing new articles without really offering something new. What they do is just rephrase the articles they see online and call the articles their own. Try not to be a “spinner” as it shows you really don’t care about offering online users real value. Research is fine, but don’t copy the work of others. If you want to be noticed, you must strive to be unique all the time. Look for important problems that are not being discussed, or offer exciting, in-depth information that other writers aren’t willing to share. Doing this will help you set your articles apart from the crowd.

Five – Make it Easy on the Eyes

Online users love sites and articles that look organized at first glance – readership goes up and people find the articles more enticing to read. Make use of short paragraphs and bulleted or numbered lists. This method of chunking is shown to improve readability. Use subheadings and if possible feature the most important part of each article near the top and the bottom. Keep your articles brief and to the point.

Six – Use a Conversational Tone 

You will definitely get a more positive response if you make your articles friendly and conversational. Try to tell a story. Write using active and not passive voice when possible. Ask questions from time to time and use light humor to engage your readers. Do not be afraid to let your personality show through. Your unique voice and creative writing style will engage your audience and expose your brand.

Content Marketing for Results

When you take a little time to develop a profound content marketing strategy, the results are nothing short of incredible. Choose your topics with care, craft interesting titles, add the keywords your audience is searching, include fresh content that is easy to read, and tell a story that everyone loves. For more awesome learning about content marketing, check out this great article: Website Content Strategies That Wow.